The future coaches of are among the most successful dog professionals of the world. We bring these icons of dog sports to your home! If you habe any question, read our FAQs. And if you do not find your answer here, just write us an Email – quite simple, isn’t it?


Questions about the content

What exactly is DogCoaches?

DogCoaches produces video courses with dog coaches all over the world and makes them available as online courses, as step-by-step manuals and as tutorials.

What is an online course?

In an online course, our coaches show you the methods and techniques that made them successful. You learn knacks and tricks that improve your training. You’ll see: It can be really easy to practice new things with your dog!

Do the coaches provide direct assistance?

Yes and no. On DogCoaches you find online courses and online workshops (projected). The courses are not moderated by the coaches. You have, howeber, the option to talk and discuss with other participants who are practicing the same part. Occasionally a coach will drop in and look after his “sheep”. 😉
The workshops are different. Here, coaches give explicit directions and homework and respond to your specific problems. Upload your own training videos and improve through direct feedback from the supervisor!

How long may I watch a course I bought?

There is no restriction on the use of bought courses. You may watch a course as often as you want. Quite similar to buying a DVD.

The Workshops all run during a certain time span and are only available while they are still running. After finishing a workshop you can still discuss with the other participants of the workshop.

Why are not all videos for free?

Our vidoe courses and video seminars are high-quality products made by professionals: film-makers, editors, designers and renowned instructors. Their development efforts are mich higher than that of free content. We are convinced: The additional value of our trainings manifests itself in a bigger learning effect and in additional fun.

Is DogCoaches itself for free?

Yes. The registration is free of charge and without any obligation. All functions and a selection of vidoes can be used right from the start.

How often can I watches courses that I have bought?

You can watch courses you bought as often as you want, without any limit.

Technical Questions

How can I unlock courses with costs?

Courses, that have not been bought yet, are displayed with a button saying “Start this Course” in the overview. When you click on this button, you put it into your basket and can select a payment method. After the payent has been successfully completed, you have permanent acces to that course via your profile.

Can I download the videos?

Sorry, so far there is no download function.

Do I need an internet connection to watch the videos?

Yes, our videos are streamed to your device via internet Advantage: You do not need space on your hard drive.

What deviced are compatible with DogCoaches?

All devices that run a web broweser. You may watch our vidoes on PC, Mac, Tablet or smartphone.

What do I do if a video does not play properly or if a course cannot be started?

If you experience technical problems, please contact our customer service:

How do I login?

Just click on the Login-Button in the upper right corner and enter your user data.

How can I change my personal data and my password?

When you login, you are at your profile. There you can change your personal data.

Other Questions

How can I become trainer at

Our courses are planned by our editorial staff. We are constantly looking for experts and professionals who want to present fascinating topics within dog sports and dog education. Are you one if them? Then contact us at:

We wish you lots of fun with DogCoaches and are looking forward to your ideas and opinions. Please give us your Feedback! 🙂