Isabelle Emanuelsson

Introduction Isabelle Emanuelsson

Isabelle is a 26 year-old woman originally from Stockholm, Sweden.
Nowadays she lives in Southern Sweden where she studies digital cultures in the University of Lund and works as a part time agility instructor.
Despite her young age Isabelle has been competing in agility for almost 2 decades!
Isabelle has always had a passion for animal wellbeing and together with her mother she got involved with agility after a decision between a snake and a dog for a pet.
Isabelle started out with a Shetland sheep dog called Zindi. With Zindi Isabelle qualified for the FCI world championships and won the Nordic championships at the age of 14.
Today Isabelle competes with 2 border collie males. Noa is 9 years old and has been competing in the FCI world championships several times as well as in European open and WAO. Isabelle also has a young and very fast border collie called Finn with whom they have just started to compete.
And this is what  Jouni an Isabelle tell about their philosophy:
“We have a lot of seminars together in Sweden and abroad. Our training does not base on a specific method. We consider that both dogs and people are different which is why you have to adjust for the specific needs of each individual. In our training we also believe in quality over quantity and in fact spend more time in maintaing both the mental and physical health of our dogs than in actual agility training. Agility for the dog is an extreme sport which is why it is an absolut necessity to preventively take care of the dog´s physical well being.
When training our dogs we pursue independent obstacle performance and understanding for both verbal and non-verbal cues. What comes to agility handling we follow certain principles such as motion, upper body etc. to keep our handling as effective as possible. We like to move a lot on the course. This does not mean that you have to be  a sprinter but we will push you to use your own movement more effectively as we believe it to be the best way you can help your dog on the course.
But again every handler as well as every dog is different and the key is to find a solution that works for you and your dog!”

Courses with Isabelle Emanuelsson