Silvia Trkman (Profile Picture)

Introduction: Silvia Trkman

Silia Trkman is active in agility since 1992. She won the national championship of Slowena 14 times with 5 different dogs. She was also member of the Slowenian World Championship Team, again with 5 different dogs. Silive managed to win the FCI Agility World Championship two times. Her training methods are known for creating fast, happy and healthy dogs. The core elements are her narrow turns and her running contacts.

Knowing dogs

Siliva got into contact with dogs in a very special way. Her parents did not allow her to keep a dog. So Silvia turned vegetarian to save the meat (which she now did not need any more) in order to attract stray dogs and to work with them. She did not need training as dog coach. She taught herself and re-discovered many methods from dog education and dog training.
Meanwhile, Silvia Trkman is one of the most well-known and most successful dog sportswomen. Her DVDs and her training videos are known by almost every dogsportsperson. Her seminars are fully booked months in advance.
Two thins are most important to Silvia Trkman: the prosperity of the dog and having fun while working – not only for the dog.

Siliva Trkman’s greatest successes:

National Champion

1999 bis 2003
National Champion

IMCA – 1st Place

Weltmeisterschaft – 5th Place

Winner European Open

FCI Agility World Championship in France – 1st Place (Individual)

FCI Agility World Championship in Spain- 1st Place and 4th Place

WInner European Open

FCI Agility World Championship in Germany – 4th Place

FCI Agility World Championship in France – 3rd Place

FCI Agility World Championship in Czech Republic – 3rd Place and 4th Place

Courses with Silvia Trkman